Bobby Lauritson

3 Free Ways to Improve Your Current Website

Bobby Lauritson
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You probably need a new website.

Websites have a shorter lifespan than most creative content, and seeing as it is also one of the most important interactions we have with a customer, it is worth being on the forefront of our minds. However, they can also be one of the most expensive assets for our business. But they don't have to be. Here are three free things that can make that old site of yours last just a little bit longer.

1. Limit Text

Think of your website in terms of digital minimalism. It will be most effective when your communication is most simple. Limit the text as much as possible, and let headings drive what you need to say. That is all most people read anyhow.

2. Simplify Your Font and color choices.

If looking to improve your site as much as possible. Choose one font that looks good and is legible at multiple sizes and weights. For color, choose a white, black and a single shade of medium tone color that looks good on both black and white.

3. Better Stock Imagery

Use many of the great stock photo websites and update the overall visuals by picking a set of photos from the same photographer. This makes sure that the photos are consistent with each other, which ups the overall branding.

These three will help take your current website and make it visually more modern. Of course this is meant to be a temporary fix while you save up to invest in a full website build. But these things can buy you a lot more time and save some money in the process.