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The Best, Most Helpful Marketing Advice EVER (According to Rob)

Rob Satrom
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These 3 things are the foundation of ongoing business and marketing success.

Blog posts are too long, so I'll try to be brief.

These are three marketing wins are mission-critical for any small local business, especially for our Saint Paul and Twin Cities friends. Read my words, do them, and you will make more money.

1 - Codify Your "WHO" "WHAT" and "WHERE" Then Publish it Digitally

I analyze dozens of company digital footprints a week. You need to quickly convey the who, what and where to a viewer. When people come to any of your digital profiles, such as your website, Facebook page, Google My Business, Youtube Channel, Twitter Account, or Linkedin page, you want them to understand who you are, what you do, and where you do it, in about 5 seconds.

  • Who are you as a business - At minimum, your names should be consistent across all profiles.
  • What do you do - Establish your tagline and your 1-4 core-focus services
  • Where you do it - Are you doing business in St Paul Minnesota (like us), Bangledesh, Texas, Quebec, or are you an international service?

Codify these things on paper, and then publish the information clearly and plainly across every digital footprint. It’s called NAP consistency. Clarity matters online, since there's like a million-trillion web pages out there, and a billion-quadrillion businesses.

3 Ways to Codify the Who, What and Where.
  1. Precisely define your naming structure
  2. Define the name of your top 3 services or products, and their categories.
  3. Define your tagline.

Here is what we did for our company, Foreword:

  1. We are Foreword.
  2. Web Design, Video Production, Digital Marketing and Advertising.
  3. We are a St. Paul brand strategy company that helps small businesses with video production, web design, digital marketing and drinking coffee.

Other Client Examples:

Preferred 1 Concrete is a South Metro Twin Cities Concrete company, that specializes in Concrete patios, concrete driveways, and driveway aprons.  

Alex Hartmann RE/MAX Results Realtor is a Twin Cities real estate agent that has sold thousands of homes since 1982 in New Brighton, Mounds View, and in the Washburn Lake region of Emily Minnesota.

Side by Side Realty is a real estate brokerage and team in Minneapolis that specializes in helping people achieve financial freedom through real estate, specializing in Minneapolis Duplexes, small multi-family, mixed commercial and other investment property.

HFC Transport is a trucking and transportation company based out of the Omaha Nebraska area that specializes primarily in Refrigerated Freight, Pharmaceutical Freight, and Dry Van Freight.

This all sounds silly, but you need to make sure that these things are prominent everywhere, so that people understand it and you can understand your core commercial keywords. Let's talk about those next.

2 - Define Your Core Commercial Keywords (Especially for Google My Business)

People interested in a product, service, solution or industry, always have some keywords that are most prominent for browser searches. We call the most prominent and relevant action keywords “core commercial keywords”. Here's some examples of possible CCKs for a restaurant.

Restaurants Keywords for SEO:

  • Best burger near me
  • Restaurants near me
  • Chinese food near me
  • Italian food near me

Without Core Commercial Keywords, you’ll struggle to ever rank online (and gain trust in the eyes of browsers like Google). You need to do the work to discover these.  Use Ahrefs,, Moz, or Semrush to find these out. Can’t figure out what your keywords are? Do a competitive analysis.

Core Commercial Keywords for Google My Business (Google Reviews)

For local SEO, perform searches in the search engines to discover what queries trigger the local 3 pack, or the Google My Business panel. These are particularly important for you, because the Google My Business platform is where you can have the most success for local SEO. Find out the keywords that trigger the Google My Business Local Snippet (there are like 10 names for this thing, the snack pack, the local snippet, the reviews map, the map etc).

3 - Engage on Google My Business & Get Reviews

This is getting long, here are some to-do's in regard to improving your GMB (Google My Business) presence:

  • Get more reviews than all your competitors (from real people and clients)
  • Fill out your services section with meatier descriptions around your core commercial keywords
  • Post often about your core commercial keywords
  • Post lots of photos
  • Use your website content to send signals to GMB

BOOM. You do these, you’ll have success. If these seem daunting, give us call or shoot us an email, it's sort of what we do.

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