Chris Rausch

3 Ways I Generate Additional Leads

Chris Rausch
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Be helpful in a business' journey, not a pushy sales-person.

In today’s world there are a lot of options to generate leads. The web is crucial but not always the go-to. Remember this is about people and listening to the problems they face. So be helpful in their journey, not a pushy sales-person. These are 3 easy ways I generate additional leads.

1. Get off your butt (and keep it human!)

- You have to be proactive. You’re not going to build positive lead practices in your work life if you’re at your desk all day. It’s the same with exercise. If you’re sitting on the couch you’re not building the results you likely want.

- In today’s world there are a lot of options to generate leads. Yes, the web is a BIG space that you need to be thinking about (and maturing in) but also with that nothing beats a good old fashion hand shake introduction. People like the familiar and a warm greeting with a smile often produces results. If your work is solid, and your prices aren’t crazy, some people will say yes to you. You gotta work for it though.

2. This isn’t about sales (its about people)

This is about listening to the problems and challenges that people face. If you don’t first listen to people how can you expect to properly identify the challenges and problems people are facing and then introduce possible effective solutions that fit them? Nobody likes a pushy salesperson but everyone needs a friend who comes along in their story that makes a real helpful difference. If you have an impactful, effective, and profitable solution to their challenge, introduce it. If someone else fits their need better, introduce them to that. You providing the better solution will mean more to them 5 or 10 years from now than the lesser solution now from you that leaves them with a bad taste in their mouth. You’ll almost always lose that client in the long run. So be real first and listen.

3. Follow up with leads (timing is everything)

Often you’ll be early or late to the party. What do I mean? A business might have just ordered a similar product or service that you offer, and their need for you and your product or service currently isn’t there... Down the road though they’ll certainly uncover more challenges. Circling back with cold leads can often produce results at different times. If a lead stays cold don’t hound them, send a warm salutation and with a friendly hello check in 6 or 12 months down the road again.

With that all said, be proactive, listen, and follow up. Not get out there and generate some leads!