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Local Spotlight: Big River Pizza

Chris Rausch
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Big River Pizza Is Everything Pizza Should Be.

It's difficult to find a great slice of pizza when there are so many options to choose from. I googled pizza in Saint Paul the other day and 10+ pages of options appeared. It's excessive.

It's easy to click through reviews but it's time consuming. Who has a truly trustworthy opinion? We think we do. I've never had a poor slice of pizza from Big River Pizza in Lowertown, St Paul. In fact, they've all been amazing. We've eaten a lot of pizza and have to put this shop as a top contender.

This place not only has great menu options that taste phenomenal every time but it also has a wonderful atmosphere and prices that are easy on your pocketbook. We tend to swing through for the lunch special (one meat market, one veggie market, please). Just don't show up on a Monday! Like much of St. Paul they open their doors for the week on Tuesday. We've learned the hard way on this one. Maybe best of all, the folks running this place have tangibly shown their care for the city and for the world. From their website:

'Big River Pizza is the natural evolution from taking [the] love of simple, vibrant food and putting it into the pizzas Steve sells at farmers’ markets and outdoor venues throughout beautiful Minnesota and ultimately rooting in Lowertown. 'We came out of farmers’ markets, so naturally we set up our brick and mortar across the street from the best one in the state."'

So there you have it. A restaurant that's local, socially conscious, and really, really good. We'll see you there.

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