Blake Griffin


"We want a cohesive feel across multiple brands."

- Taylor Griffin
The Need

Blake Griffin needed an identity for his endeavors outside professional basketball. His brother and him are active with their own basketball brand and a foundation. They wanted an identity for each.

The Plan

Create an identity that spans the unique branches of the Griffin identity, with the ability to stand alone and represent the specific branch being emphasized.

The Process

Gather visual cues from Griffin, and implement them into a set of multiple logomarks to represent Team Griffin Basketball and Team Griffin Foundation.

The Griffin name was not only important to Blake, but has thick cultural and visual references to, *ahem* griffins; we’d be silly to pass up the opportunity to have an eagle-lion-beast be our star.


We began our process, per usual, with research on logo and image styles from the past and present, with the intent to find a set of viable directions to move towards. We weren’t sure at this stage if color or logo style would be the unifying thread in the set.

The preferred option from the client was the most illustrative, reflecting a keenly athletic vibe. We thought they might like that one best.

So we took it and gave it a friend.


This takes a very long time. We wouldn’t want this beautiful display of big steps of progress to make you think these magically appear.  

Blood, sweat, and tears folks.

Well, at least sweat and tears.

Tears for sure.

At this stage, we knew style would be the unifying agent. This meant that color could be different from one logomark to the next.

Team Griffin Basketball was the branch focused on print items, applying the newly made logomark to a wide range of apparel. It’s all any of us wear to the office anymore.