Sara Groves

Project // ABIDE WITH ME

"I want this album to feel like home."

- Sara Groves
The Need

As Sara Groves began work on her newest album, she wanted a very centered focus on the space it would be recorded in - Art House North. She wanted to capture the beauty that is found in both history and a vision for the future.

The Plan

An all-encompassing creative project, from the ground up. We wanted to connect back to the roots of St. Paul (where both Sara and Art House reside) and find new ways of seeing old things. The album would be predominately new takes on old hymns, we wanted to match that theme visually,

The Process

We would need to think abstractly and historically about ways to bring this idea together. Between a historic image of the building of Art House and Sara's statements of these songs being like a "thread", we had some ideas that would take us well outside of our normal creative space.

Photo & Video

While Sara was recording the album, we were gathering photography and video content for the designs to come, as well as brainstorming effective implementation of ideas we heard from our initial creative meeting with Sara and her team.

"These songs have been a constant thread for me for many years."

Product Design

Between Sara's love for these tracks and everything taking place in this beautiful old space, we knew the inciting image had a big role to play in the art direction, and agreed that we needed to find a way to make it central, and also fresh.

In Sara's Words

"These guys are incredible story tellers. If you want your story told well, I highly recommend them. They have helped us with all kinds of projects - website, promo videos, photography, packaging design, logo, and continuity pieces - and all of it has not just been well done, but has carried the ethos of what we are about all the way through. Plus they are delightful human beings."